This website

This year I have redesigned my website from the ground up with a new focus in mind: accessibility. There are a couple of things I find interesting in web development: page transitions, animations, 3D designs which I overtly implemented to the previous version of this website. It brought an extra oomph 🪩.

Combining all those pieces regardless of their purpose can be detrimental to the suser experience. That’s especially the case when you don’t provide ways disable it. Even the most commonly used patterns (e.g: Dark mode) can harm the experience.

New focus

My focus definitely shifted from when I first built my website. I want this iteration to provide a simple introduction of who I am, some personal projects, writings and past working experiences. No clutter or fancy patterns. In its ideal form this website should follow a couple of rules.

This website should:

In a nutshell, I want future visitors of this website to explore it without feeling excluded by the choices I am making now.

Tech and UI